Preguntas frecuentes

Our products are made of CROCODILUS FUSCUS skin, this is a native species of Colombia, approved by the Environment Ministry for it use, commercialization and production.

These pieces are fully made by leather craftsmen under specialized and unique labor as it is a type of skin called exotic skin.

They are pieces in crocodiles skin with suede skin (it isn’t leather, is synthetic suede) with the purpose of reduce weight and increase its comfort. In some specific cases we use cow leather for interiors of home accessories or little ones that need it.

Our pieces are produced and assembly with with products that do not contain solvents and are water-based.

This product is manufactured with Crocodilus Fuscus alligator skins, that are specifically farmed by  commercials zoohatcherys regulated by environmental legislations and internationals agreements that base their judgement in the species sustainability, which is accepted as a tool of legitimate conservation, where it profit would be sustainable and creates economic incentives for the preservation of wild populations and their home, so that they are established in the long term.

Each skin is carefully selected, second, pass to a pickling process that is the process where the skin and its grain are worked, in order to continue its process in the dyeing area, where the tones are played, with the purpose of increase it durability and beauty. As It is a natural skin, it may vary it color and reach a coating and smoothness with the time, which give us an exclusive story of a unique piece designed to be even worth in the time.
Exotic skins come in three different finish (finish means the type of ending in the skin):
  • Matte finish: is a natural finish, absent of synthetic products. Its main benefit is that the client can appreciate the grain of the skin and its natural shine.
  • Glazed finish: this finish is made with products that give it a highly resistant shine, as an extra protection to conserve skin gran and shine.
  • Metallic finish: are natural pigments that are impregnated to the skin on a uniform way, causing the surface of the skin to look like metallic chrome.

Our pieces are unique products. It should not be confused with expensive products, but with costly one yes, because of it benefits:

  • Excellent quality.
  • You are obtaining a product with added value, because it is a piece that from the treatment of the skin to its manufacture is completely made by 100% Colombian labor.
  • They are waterproof and long lasting.
  • Pieces are not heavy, which makes them more comfortable for daily or specific use.
  • They don’t lose their value, on the contrary, it increases as the years go by
  • Throughout the use of the piece, it is obtaining a genuine beauty in its touch, simply a jewel.
Orders are entered via web or via email, as soon as the order is received, we will contact you immediately when we have received the information.

To customize an order consult with us the season products and the available color card. Please, send us an e-mail to , so we could help you personally with endless possibilities in the creation of your JFVC piece.

When sending the order confirmation, a response is generated with date range for the delivery of each product, delivery dates delivery dates are between 5 and 60 business days.

It’s possible that a piece is ready for delivery, and only takes the transportation time. On the other hand, if the product is not done, it enters to the workshop by request, what it entails to the fabrication process which consist in different phases

Yes, we ship to any part of the world, its free, and through a diplomatic business contract of JULIE FRANCO with DHL

  • For an international shipment it takes around 4 to 9 calendar days by product.
  • For a national shipment it takes around 2 to 3 calendar days by product

Remember you can follow your order in our logistic partner website DHL, with the office guide assigned.

For JULIE FRANCO is very important the product integrity, so they are shipped in bags and sealed boxes. If our logistic partner gives you the order with signs of violence or alteration, we ask you to reject the package, take photographic evidence, and communicate immediately with our JF VC Center of Client Attention.

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In order to guarantee the security of your data, we remember you that all your data related to you and your credit card is not stored in our system.

We don’t share private information of our clients with third parties. We are very strict with the data and ensure our clients privacy. This information only will be used for contact e information about shipping process, a characteristic of JF VC