In the event that our clients wish to request a guarantee, it will not be obligatory to present the invoice to make the guarantee effective, however, they must provide the purchase details or the corresponding invoice number. (Article 27 of LAW 1480 of 2011).


JULIE FRANCO | VC & PP handles product quality assurance claims that are the result of defects in material, supplies or manufacturing. It does not cover events in which it occurs for:

  1. Force majeure or fortuitous event.
  2. Made by a third party, which includes the manipulation or modification of the product by repair and washing workshops, other than JULIE FRANCO | VC & PP
  3. Misuse of the good by the consumer, which includes: scrapes or scratches to the material, friction with other products and/or bleaching materials, such as jeans and other clothing that transfer color to leather, contact with rough surfaces, stains that are the result of the use of dyes, perfumes, creams, gels or oils, exposure of the product to high temperatures or contact with water.

The guarantee will be given solely and exclusively in the country where the purchase was made.

JULIE FRANCO | VC & PP will issue a response to the direct claim, within ten (10) business days following receipt of the claim. The buyer must make the product available to JULIE FRANCO | VC & PP, through the main boutique located at Carrera 51b # 82 – 100, local 7, CC. Palmas Mall, Barranquilla – Colombia. The corresponding response will be sent to the email address indicated by the client.


  1. If the effectiveness of the warranty consists of the repair, it will be carried out within fifteen (15) business days following the response issued.
  2. In the event that the product does not support repair, the customer may choose to replace an identical one, or an existing product in inventory. The replacement of the product must be carried out within thirty (30) days following the issue. of the answer. If the customer decides to replace a product with a higher value, he will have to pay the difference.
  3. In the event that the product does not support repair, and that the consumer does not wish to replace the product, or purchase a new product of equal or greater value, the consumer may choose to return the money within the next 20 days skillful. It should be clarified that, JULIE FRANCO | VC & PP will make the refund of money by means of bank consignment, for this the consumer must provide the necessary data for this purpose. The value of the return will correspond to that invoiced and effectively paid by the customer.

This warranty is given only to the consumer.


The products manufactured and marketed by JULIE FRANCO | VC & PP have the following warranty terms:

  • ONE HUNDRED (100) years for crocodile skin of the following categories: wallets and accessories for women and men and household line.
  • TWO (2) for extra materials involved in the manufacture of the product such as = interior fabric, zippers and hardware.
  • THREE (3) months for clothing.
  • FOUR (4) months for the replacement or repair service, which begins to run from the delivery or return of the repaired property.

The aforementioned warranty terms will begin to run from the day of delivery of the product to the buyer or from the return of the good to the person who requested the replacement or repair service.


Before making warranty claims, please note that:

  1. Crocodile leather products have streaks and marks that are natural characteristics of leather, which includes aging and wear.
  2. Because it is a natural leather, its color can vary and reach a coating and softness with age, which gives us an exclusive history of a unique piece designed to be even more valuable over time.


JULIE FRANCO | VC & PP will be exempt from any guarantee, in the following events:

1.       Force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances.

2.     Made from a third party, which includes manipulation or modification of the product by repair and washing workshops alien to us.

3.     Misuse of the product by the client, which include: scrapes and scratches to the material, friction with other products or bleaching materials like jeans and other clothing that may release the color to the leather, rough surface contact, stains that are result of dye, perfume, cream, gels or oils, high temperature exposition or water contact.



JULIE FRANCO | VC & PP offers the possibility of changing the product by retraction, under the conditions set out in this document.
The customer is granted the option to change the product purchased for himself or for a product of another color, size or reference, within thirty (15) calendar days following the date of purchase, presenting the purchase invoice.
The change is subject to inventory availability and in the case of generating any surplus of money in favor of the consumer, the client will receive a voucher for said value; Likewise, this option will be available to the person who purchased the product as a gift, as long as the product to be exchanged arrives in its original packaging, has not been used, does not have any imperfections and has the buyer’s data (identification card or invoice) and the date of purchase.

Products sold at a discount or promotion are covered by the quality guarantee, but are not included in our exchange policy. Products on sale will not be exchanged. In no case will the withdrawal be admitted by returning used goods and neither if they are made-to-measure products or manufactured according to the consumer’s instructions.

We guarantee the authenticity of all products purchased through WWW.JULIEFRANCO.CO Julie Franco – Vero Cocco products are made with the highest quality materials, design and workmanship. All Julie Franco – Vero Cocco products are made in Colombia.